Used VEECO / DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS VX 200 #9063709 for sale

ID: 9063709
Vintage: 2002
Atomic force profiler Model #: DUVx200 Long scan profiles: Die length (up to 100mm) Profile stage: up to 100mm 1μm X-Y axis repeatability 6μm vertical range Superior step height repeatability: <5Å - 0.1μm and 1μm steps (1σ ); 20 traces at 20μm/sec scan speed Unsurpassed lateral resolution: Low force, small tip radius (<10nm nominal) True dishing and erosion analysis OneScan Profiling: Zoom in on long scans without loss of resolution High speed profiling: Up to 200μm/sec Auto tip evaluation Automatic exchange in ~4 minutes 24-tips per cassette Dual cassette for different tip types Throughput: 7wph (5 sites) for profiles 5wph (5 sites) for images Profiler mode: Data points/scan: 262,000 Imaging mode: 512 x 512 data points Up to 65μm square area scans Die scale imaging 3D visualization and analysis software Optics: Dual optics with 150μm and 600μm viewing area Low magnification optics (3mm viewing area) Capacity: 10 kA 220-25- VAC, 3.6 A 2002 vintage.
VEECO / DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS VX 200 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to enable manufacturers to perform accelerated life cycle testing and reliability evaluation of current and next-generation semiconductor devices. The system's high-end automation capabilities and optically-enabled metrology tool provide superior accuracy and reliability in process control and dimensional monitoring. VEECO VX 200 unit is designed to test up to three wafers at once, with wafer sizes ranging from 2 to 8 inches in diameter. In addition, the machine can handle wafer-thicknesses ranging from 200 to 500 microns or 1,500 to 2,500 microns. The tool includes a range of features, including a high-level automated test controller, support for high-throughput computer aided test (CAT) systems and an advanced wafer probe card. This combination of features enables rapid automated testing and measurement of process parameters and yields improved accuracy and repeatability in objective testing and characterization of device functionality. DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS VX 200's powerful optical subsystem is the asset's key asset, enabling the measurement and characterization of key characteristics such as particle size, defect density, chip-to-wafer alignment, and substrate thickness. This measurement and analysis enables device designers to optimize performance and reliability. The model's intuitive user interface provides easy access to advanced equipment control options, including built-in metrology capabilities, statistical software and process traceability tools. Additionally, it boasts a comprehensive suite of software applications, allowing users to easily access data, calibrate instruments and run tests. VX 200 system has been designed to withstand the rigors of highly demanding test and metrology applications. Its robust and reliable design enables it to be integrated into modern production environments. The unit is compatible with a wide range of testing and metrology systems, and its on-board diagnostics and alerts ensure a low rate of machine down-time. Overall, VEECO / DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS VX 200 is an advanced tool enabling manufacturers to perform rapid, accurate, and reliable wafer testing and metrology. Its combination of automation capabilities and powerful optical subsystems allow device designers to monitor and characterize key characteristics in order to improve performance and maximize device yield. The asset's robust and reliable design ensures it will be able to withstand the rigorous demands of modern manufacturing processes.
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