Used VEECO Oasis 3000 #9002001 for sale

ID: 9002001
Deep UV defect inspection system Missing the 100x objective.
VEECO Oasis 3000 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for precise, automated metrology and testing of wafers in a production environment. The system is equipped with sophisticated optics, motion control systems, and superior measurement accuracy. Oasis 3000 features five-axis motion control for precise wafer positioning and automated, patterned measurements across the surface of the wafer. The unit's optics machine consists of a two-mirror imaging tool providing up to 90x magnification, enabling critical feature measurements across various scales. Integrated imaging electronics ensure the highest resolution possible for accurate readings. VEECO Oasis 3000 is a powerful yet simple-to-use asset suitable for a variety of demanding measurements. Its true wafer-scale step-and-scan mode enables rapid processing of large wafers, while its uniformity capability provides excellent precision and repeatability. In addition, Oasis 3000 provides powerful data analysis capabilities, including automated determination of key characteristics such as performance gates, the evaluation of process margins, and the comparison of actual and expected test results. This enables users to quickly identify trends and potential issues in the production process allowing for fast process optimization. VEECO Oasis 3000 is designed to survive the harshest of production environments. Its stainless steel frame provides robustness and allows for continuous operation with no resetting required after power failure. The model offers integrated liquid cooling and is fanless for maximum ultra-reliability and minimum noise. Overall, Oasis 3000 wafer testing and metrology equipment can provide reliable, accurate, and repeatable results, enabling efficient production and quality control in high-volume production environments. Its sophisticated optics and motion control systems give operators control flexibility and precision necessary to achieve maximum yield and performance.
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