Used VEECO / SLOAN (Wafer Testing And Metrology) for sale

VEECO/SLOAN is a renowned manufacturer of wafer testing and metrology equipment, known for their innovative and high-quality products. These systems are extensively used in the semiconductor industry for measuring and analyzing the surface characteristics of wafers. One of the notable product lines of VEECO/SLOAN is the DEKTAK series, comprising models like DEKTAK 3030, DEKTAK 3ST, and DEKTAK 150. These units offer precise measurement capabilities and advanced features to ensure accurate and reliable results. The DEKTAK series utilizes analog scanning technology to measure various parameters like roughness, film thickness, step heights, etc., with exceptional precision. These machines employ a stylus to gently scan the wafer surface, providing detailed information about its topography. One of the significant advantages of VEECO/SLOAN's wafer testing and metrology tools is their ability to handle a wide range of wafer sizes, from small samples to large 300mm wafers. They also offer versatile software interfaces, enabling seamless integration with other equipment and analysis tools. Examples of their assets include the DEKTAK 3030, which features automated operation and advanced data analysis capabilities, making it suitable for high-volume production environments. The DEKTAK 3ST offers enhanced accuracy and repeatability, making it ideal for research and development applications. The DEKTAK 150 is a compact and cost-effective solution for basic measurement needs. Overall, VEECO/SLOAN's wafer testing and metrology models provide efficient and precise surface analysis, contributing to the development and quality control of semiconductor devices.