Used VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 200 #9138893 for sale

ID: 9138893
VEECO / SLOAN DEKTAK 200 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. It is designed to measure wafer thickness, non-uniformity and surface roughness quickly and accurately with high resolution. The system is composed of a combination of hardware and software components which provide automatic measurement, data storage, analysis and evaluation of wafer characteristics. The hardware components of the unit consist of an X-Y stage with a plan position indicator (PPI) for positioning the wafer, an optical probe for measuring the surface topography, a quartz crystal for measuring wafer thickness, and a transducer or encoder for measuring wafer flatness. All of the hardware components are designed to be highly sensitive and accurate, ensuring that the measurements taken are consistently reliable. The software components of the machine are responsible for data analysis and evaluation of wafer characteristics. The software includes a graphical user interface (GUI) to help the user quickly set up and configure the measurements as well as store the results. Additionally, it also has statistical analysis tools and mathematical algorithms to process the measurements and evaluate them in comparison with predefined criteria. The software also has the ability to generate reports based on the measurement results. VEECO 200 is a versatile tool, capable of measuring a wide range of wafer parameters, from wafer thickness and non-uniformity to surface roughness. It is highly precise, ensuring accurate and repeatable measurements every time. The asset is incredibly easy to use and the software provides helpful tools and graphical reports to help users analyze and evaluate the results. SLOAN DEKTAK 200 is an invaluable tool for wafer testing and metrology in the semiconductor industry.
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