Used VEECO / WYKO NT 3300 #9171706 for sale

ID: 9171706
Profilometer PCI PCs Objectives: 5x, 50x Programmable stage: 8 x 8.
VEECO / WYKO NT 3300 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for large-scale production analysis of semiconductor devices. The system includes a comprehensive suite of tools for analysis, testing, and characterizing of a variety of both silicon and compound semiconductor wafer patterns, configurations, and sizes. The unit utilizes a closed-loop, high-precision scanning stage to provide fast, accurate, and repeatable metrology measurements. Additionally, the highly automated features allow for fast, efficient characterization and rapid analysis of wafers in both production and research settings. A multiple camera machine takes full-field images of wafers, which are then analyzed and reconstructed in 3D models. The data obtained from the tool can be transferred for further analysis and development of new technologies. The asset includes a library of recipe files for sophisticated analysis and characterization. These recipe files are tailored to the type of material being measured and the specific parameters required for optimal testing. Each recipe collects multidimensional data over a specific range of parameters leading to an accurate and detailed analysis of the material. WYKO NT 3300 model is highly customizable, allowing users to design their own configurations and settings. This ensures a flexible and productive approach to wafer testing and metrology. The equipment includes motion control capabilities, environmental monitoring, and a wide range of other accessories. In conjunction with the comprehensive set of automated features, the system features manual operation and parameter adjustment for more specialized tasks. Remote and SCADA integration provides additional flexibility for more complex tasks in industrial settings. The unit also offers network and USB connectivity to allow customers to customize the software and hardware configuration to meet their specific requirements and objectives efficiently. VEECO NT 3300 machine is highly efficient and precise with measurement resolution on the nanoscale level and sub-micron level accuracy. The tool is compact and requires minimal installation and maintenance, providing an ideal solution for production analysis of various semiconductor devices. With a variety of options, configurations and accessories, NT 3300 asset offers users a powerful, comprehensive metrology solution that meets the needs of modern semiconductor research and development.
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