Used VERTEX 430 #9182037 for sale

ID: 9182037
Measuring system Without auto load.
VERTEX 430 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide tight process control and yield optimization for advanced logic devices. The system's comprehensive suite of measurement capabilities, including defect inspection, CD metrology, electrical measurements, and overlay, help ensure device performance and reliability while delivering fast, accurate, and reliable results. 430 utilizes a unique optical engineering design to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and resolution in CD metrology, as well as allowing for fast and repeatable testing of a wide range of microstructures. With 6-axis vision positioning, the unit can accurately detect and measure critical features, such as CD, pattern width, and pattern height. Leveraging a proprietary ULO, or ultra-low optical machine, VERTEX 430 offers an unprecedented combination of low count scanning and alignment, providing unprecedented speed and accuracy. In addition to CD metrology, 430 offers a variety of electrical measurements and defect inspection capabilities dedicated to the inspection of ultra-small features in advanced logic devices. Its integrated electrical conductivity and charging measurement allow on-the-fly verification of device characteristics and the optimization of transistor loading. The advanced defect inspection features leverage VERTEX 430's exclusive Deep Ultraviolet Illumination tool to detect structural defects, such as contamination or particle agglomeration, that can reduce yield and adversely affect device performance. Finally, 430's overlay measurement capabilities allow for tight levels of precise registration and alignment between different material layers. Its high speed and precision stage motion, as well as its proprietary Digital Mask-Aligner asset, allows the model to detect and measure small features in the vertical and lateral directions. All together, VERTEX 430 offers an all-in-one wafer testing and metrology solution for advanced logic device testing and analysis. Its unique optical engineering design, coupled with its comprehensive suite of measurement capabilities, help ensure the reliability and performance of devices, while offering tight process control and yield optimization for production runs.
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