Used VIEW ENGINEERING / GENERAL SCANNING 1220 #9182605 for sale

ID: 9182605
CMM Machine.
VIEW ENGINEERING / GENERAL SCANNING 1220 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for both engineering and production applications. This system delivers highly accurate results, giving engineers and process engineers the ability to quickly assess product quality and troubleshoot wafer processing problems. VIEW ENGINEERING 1220 integrates proprietary digital imaging scanners and optical hardware to automatically identify and measure wafer performance features. An automated image analysis program is used to locate defects in the wafer structure, providing highly accurate results. GENERAL SCANNING 1220 also offers data entry of process parameters, which can be used to detect correlation between process parameters and wafer measurements. 1220 is designed to deliver high throughput, high precision metrology on various wafer chemistries and sizes. The unit is capable of capturing and measuring wafer chips at a high scanning speed to evaluate entire wafer thicknesses up to 6.00 mm. It can also provide a comprehensive metrology of single-crystal silicon wafer samples, using optical microscopy to measure samples multiple times over area ranges up to 20 mm. The machine's versatile measurement capabilities also include automated tilt measurements, integrated focusing, and fast imaging. Additionally, VIEW ENGINEERING / GENERAL SCANNING 1220 includes several features to simplify use and yield greater accuracy. The tool's user interface is divided into distinct modules, with each one dedicated to a specific task. This streamlines workflow by presenting users with integration and analysis options in a clear and intuitive format. Additionally, the high-sensitivity optical asset improves measurement accuracy, while the automated XY scanning ensures reliable results for each sample. VIEW ENGINEERING 1220 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology model, designed to enable users to quickly and accurately assess the quality of their wafers. With its advanced optical scanning and analysis features, the equipment is able to accurately evaluate many different types of wafers, ensuring wafer production and product quality.
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