Used VIEW ENGINEERING / GENERAL SCANNING Benchmark 450 #9180602 for sale

ID: 9180602
Vintage: 2010
3D Measuring machine 2010 vintage.
VIEW ENGINEERING / GENERAL SCANNING Benchmark 450 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment developed for use in semiconductor wafer fabrication processes. This system offers a unique set of features that make it suitable for process characterization, ramp rate determination, and defect characterization. VIEW ENGINEERING Benchmark 450 scanning electron microscope (SEM) is an automated unit that combines the latest in high power electron optics and new sample staging technologies. This allows users to effectively measure the properties of sub-micron features, and track critical dimensions, dopant distributions, line edges and etch profiles. The machine provides a wide range of analytical capabilities ranging from simple 2D surface measurements, to complex image analysis and electric characterizations. The tool is equipped with an integrated x-y drive and a motorized stage. This setup enables users to perform macro scanning as well as sub-micron measurements. The variable focus beam permits high-resolution imaging of feature sizes down to 0.25 microns. The asset is also fitted with a high-voltage power supply, making it capable of detecting and analyzing low-damage features. GENERAL SCANNING Benchmark 450 model also features advanced automation and imaging software. The Sample Equipment Viewer (SSV) software allows users to easily program automation, customize imaging parameters, and capture up to 100 images per sample. The software also provides real-time analysis and reporting of metrology data allowing users to quickly identify process non-uniformities. The system's optics have been specifically designed for continuous-wave electron-beam operation, providing excellent resolution and repeatability. Additionally, an array of detectors is fitted to enable the unit to measure the properties of single- and multi-crystal samples. These detectors enable users to quickly measure the properties of features such as dopant distributions, line edges, and etch profiles. Benchmark 450 is a cost-effective wafer testing and metrology machine that provides users with an efficient and comprehensive suite of features. This tool is suitable for semiconductor process characterization, ramp rate determination, and defect characterization and has been used in hundreds of production environments across the globe. This asset also provides excellent resolution, repeatability, and automated software.
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