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ID: 9105953
Optical coordinate measurement system.
VIEW ENGINEERING / GENERAL SCANNING View Bazic 8 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for industrial use in semiconductor fabrication. It is ideal for precision measurements of wafer parameters and provides a comprehensive analysis of a variety of test specimens. The system is equipped with a high magnification Optical Image Analyzer (OIA). This allows for high-contrast imaging of test wafers and for accurate measurements of their intricate physical structures and properties. VIEW ENGINEERING View Bazic 8 consists of three main components: the Operators Console, the Main Mainframe Unit, and the OIA. The Operators Console allows for the entry of different measurement parameters and settings and for the control of the whole unit. It also provides a comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI) for quick and easy data interpretation. The Main Mainframe Unit provides computing power for the machine by integrating camera sensors, processor, and memory. This unit is capable of storing and processors a variety of data formats, and allows for the calibration of images for precise measurements. The OIA incorporates a variety of features to ensure accurate measurements. It includes lenses with 4x, 10x, and 20x magnifications, a vertical CCD camera, a high-end image processing board, and a proprietary light source tool. The lenses provide a clear view of test wafers and guarantee an excellent image resolution down to the nanometer scale. Moreover, the CCD camera and image processing board enable the OIA to capture precise images of test wafers, and to measure their parameters with high accuracy. The proprietary light source measures the intensity and direction of the incident light to study the optical properties of test samples. GENERAL SCANNING View Bazic 8 is a powerful and highly-accurate wafer testing and metrology asset for use in semiconductor fabrication. It is capable of capturing high-resolution images of wafers and precisely measuring their parameters. The OIA ensures accurate analysis and data interpretation thanks to its excellent image resolution and precise sensing of incident light. The Operators Console provides a comprehensive GUI for all the functions of the model, guaranteeing easy data control. Therefore, View Bazic 8 is the ideal solution for industrial semiconductor fabrication.
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