Used VIEW ENGINEERING / GENERAL SCANNING Voyager V6x12 #9208003 for sale

ID: 9208003
Vintage: 1998
Coordinate measuring machine 1998 vintage.
VIEW ENGINEERING / GENERAL SCANNING Voyager V6x12 from GSM is an innovative wafer testing and metrology equipment providing the capability to perform complex wafer layer and feature measurements across multiple application areas. Designed for engineers and metrology experts, the system offers unparalleled performance and ease-of-use for numerous scanning and measurement tasks. In terms of hardware, VIEW ENGINEERING Voyager V6x12 includes a 12 inch large area scanning head, high-resolution imaging unit, and integrated optics that support up to 1 micron resolution and 0.003 angularity accuracy on wafer surfaces. The large area scanning head moves at high-speed in all directions while maintaining sub-micron resolution, providing an efficient and accurate processing of even the most challenging test jobs. The machine also incorporates dual 6" hexapod stages for exceptionally stable and durable performance when measuring large areas and low-tolerance parts. Using dedicated drive motors, the hexapod stages deliver superior motion control and accuracy over a large range of applications. The tool also features advanced imaging and optical subsystems, enabling precise metrology on a wide range of wafer layer types. The integrated high-resolution imaging asset utilizes multiple CCD cameras to provide up-to 16 megapixel resolution and advanced 0.3 & 1.0 micron lateral resolution. This also ensures sharp images at the required field of view and objects appear as they will appear in the final reports. Additionally, the model incorporates advanced optics, such as a long-distance telephoto lens, that enable accurate measurement up to 1 micron resolution and 0.003 angularity accuracy on wafer surfaces. In terms of software, GENERAL SCANNING Voyager V6x12 features a dedicated user-friendly software, which has been specifically designed to facilitate the setup of a variety of metrology jobs. During each data acquisition, the software automatically recognizes features and acquires metrology data, after which it generates detailed reports and charts for reliable wafer testing and metrology purposes. Overall, Voyager V6x12 provides unparalleled performance for numerous scanning and measurement tasks. Its advanced hardware and software-driven components ensure that engineers and metrology experts have access to the most sophisticated metrology solutions currently available.
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