Used VIT V13KA #9219930 for sale

ID: 9219930
Automatic Optical inspection systems.
VIT V13KA is a dedicated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide high-accuracy metrology and defect sorting. The system is based on an advanced vertical wafer stage, integrated with a three axes motion unit, to allow for precise wafer inspection and sorting in its x, y, and z axes. VIT uses a combination of tactile imaging, optical imaging, and spectroscopic analysis to enable nanoscale resolution defect sorting. This machine is capable of probing the 3D structures of the wafers at high accuracy, with sub-nanometer precision. The core of the tool lies in its dedicated software platform, which incorporates theoretical and data-driven metrology solutions. This software is capable of assisting users with wafer evaluation and classification, by utilizing advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the wafer surface and identify the defects. Additionally, the asset also comes with embedded defect sorting capabilities, algorithms for automated decision making, and defect physics modeling. The model can be used for wafer-level testing and metrology, and provides direct access to multiple layers for enhanced analysis. The equipment utilizes a proprietary optical imaging system to allow for precise detection of the nanoscale features of the wafer. The optical module also provides support for multi-camera capturing, for better visual inspection and discrimination between the features. VIT also offers an integrated scanning stage to enable on-the-fly scanning of the wafer. This scanning capability is enabled by a high-precision encoder unit, which maintains an accurate trajectory over the wafer surface, enabling fast and dynamic wafer testing. This encoder also supports the precise measurement of the surface topography via contact and non-contact imaging, enabling high-accuracy 3D surface imaging. VIT is able to detect different types of defects, such as nanoscale particles, sub-surface voids, and other non-visible surface defects. This wafer testing and metrology machine is also capable of handling multiple wafer types, such as semiconductors, ceramic, quartz, and metal substrates. In addition, VIT provides users with customizable workflow options, such as customized wafer pre-processing, defect analysis, and post-processing. Additionally, the tool can be used for statistical process control (SPC) and analytical data processing. Overall, V13KA is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology asset, designed to provide enhanced wafer inspection and defect sorting. The model provides high-accuracy metrology and defect sorting capabilities, enabling nanoscale resolution and detection of various types of wafer defects. Combined with its embedded software, VIT V13KA is a powerful wafer analysis and testing equipment.
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