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WAVETEK 9520 UltraGage
ID: 9204858
Wafer measurement system Active head.
WAVETEK 9520 UltraGage is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that enables users to perform precise, non-contact measurements and characterization of all types of semiconductor wafers. It is designed to provide fast, accurate, high-precision, non-destructive testing of wafers and devices. The system is composed of an optical head, controller, and workpiece holder. 9520 UltraGage optical head consists of a digital microscope with proprietary pulsed semiconductor laser lighting, a joystick-controlled optical probe head for dynamic measurements, with the capability for manual controlled and automated scanning. It is equipped with high-resolution optical zoom for non-destructive measurements, with low-noise image acquisition systems and sub-micrometer image resolution. The controller of WAVETEK 9520 UltraGage allows for fast setup and calibration of measurement procedures. It is designed to provide automated data acquisition, storage, and analysis of the acquired data in real-time. Additionally, the controller houses a library of measurement patterns which can be used for efficient characterization and yield assessment. 9520 UltraGage workpiece holder is designed to deliver our automated and reliable wafer handling mechanism for pre-release. It features a three-jaw chuck and a pneumatically controlled platform for accurate part placements and motion control. Furthermore, it is equipped with an auto-clamper unit, ideal for high-speed wafer loading and unloading. In cases where higher precision or streaming measurements are required, WAVETEK 9520 UltraGage is compatible with a wide range of accessories such as linear and rotary stages, profile measurement units, etc. All of these accessories are designed to increase the machine's accuracy and flexibility. Overall, 9520 UltraGage is an ideal choice for a variety of wafer testing and metrology applications, offering fast, accurate, and non-destructive wafer characterization. It is well-suited for use in the semiconductor industry and in research and development.
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