Used WYKO / VEECO HD 3300 #9090165 for sale

ID: 9090165
Head Measurement Optical Profiler 3D Wafer Metrology System VP150 LCD monitor with mount Olympus ACH 10 x/0.25 objective Veeco Wyko IX5 20% objective Veeco Wyko IX50 focusing objective (outer lens is cracked but internal objective is operational) Damaged plastic shell De-installed in Q2 2014.
WYKO / VEECO HD 3300 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment. It is designed for precise and accurate wafer characterization and testing. The system has a versatile laser interferometer, which is responsive enough to measure nanometer changes in wafer topographies. It has a highly sensitive scanning stage, which ensures accurate results for temperature and vibration measurements. WYKO HD 3300 is equipped with a variety of advanced algorithms for sharper images of both the wafer topography and the device features. This allows for a more detailed evaluation of all the necessary data. The wafer testing and metrology unit can provide accurate measurements for a variety of parameters, including defect density, uniformity and particle size. The machine is also equipped with a large range of optical probes that allow for image reinforcement and simultaneous non-contact testing. The tool also offers Automatic Pattern Recognition technology, which enables it to identify potential defects on the wafer surface. It can accurately detect dust particles, cracks, surface irregularities and other elements. It also provides feature recognition capabilities, which enable it to accurately detect device parameters. The asset is designed to be user-friendly. It has a large touchscreen monitor which allows for easy data entry and navigation. It is also equipped with an automated data storage model, which allows users to store and retrieve their testing results as needed. Additionally, the equipment is equipped with a powerful and reliable control module, which is designed to ensure proper operation. VEECO HD 3300 offers superior performance. It is capable of delivering greater accuracy and larger ranges of wafer measurements than manual systems. Additionally, its advanced algorithms enable it to deliver more detailed defect detection and accurate device matching. Its fast scanning rates also allow for rapid and high-performance metrology operations. In conclusion, HD 3300 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology system designed for precision and accuracy. Its advanced algorithms, fast scanning rate, and automated data storage unit all lead to enhanced testing capabilities and reliability. Furthermore, its user-friendly touchscreen interface ensures easy data entry and navigation. Thus, WYKO / VEECO HD 3300 provides the most accurate testing results that can be quickly accessed and analyzed.
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