Used WYKO / VEECO NT 2000 #153871 for sale

ID: 153871
Optical profiler 5x and 50x objective 8" X/Y stage, auto tip/tilt Stage driver and joystick Windows NT/2000 computer Vision32 software No monitor.
WYKO / VEECO NT 2000 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to measure nanometer-scale structures in semiconductor wafers. It utilizes atomic force microscopy (AFM) and other advanced optical and electrical probes to measure topographies and electrical characteristics of the structures. The system is capable of testing and sensing structures as small as a fraction of a nanometer and has a resolution of less than 10 picometers. It also features a high-resolution optical unit and a powerful laser for measuring the topography and other features of the structures. WYKO NT 2000 offers a wide range of measurement capabilities including measuring the electrical properties of the structures, probe current, and the shape and size of the structures. The machine is equipped with an advanced vision and navigation tool which allows scientists to accurately measure nanostructures and to optimize them for specific applications. It is equipped with an innovative user interface that makes it easy to operate, configure, and analyze data. It also offers an advanced temperature control asset that is adjustable to very narrow ranges and which can be used to study the effects of temperature on nanostructures. VEECO NT 2000 also allows for integration of multiple AFM techniques and techniques such as electrostatic force microscopy (EFM). This allows scientists to simultaneously measure different physical parameters such as surface potential, dielectric constant, and surface roughness. The model also offers advanced data management features, allowing for data to be stored and sorted for quick analysis. Data can be exported in a variety of formats and exported to other systems for further analysis. In conclusion, NT 2000 is a revolutionary wafer testing and metrology equipment which is making nanometer-scale testing and sensing easier and more accessible. The system is capable of measuring the electrical properties, topography, and size of nanostructures with high resolution and accuracy. It also offers innovative user interface and advanced data management capabilities, making it an excellent choice for nanoscale research.
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