Used WYKO / VEECO NT 3300 #9150600 for sale

ID: 9150600
Profilometer, parts system.
WYKO / VEECO NT 3300 is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology (measurement) system designed for the semiconductor industry. WYKO NT 3300 combines advanced optical and non-contact surface characterization techniques with a multi-function touch probe capability, enabling users to measure, inspect, and analyze a wide range of semiconductor material. VEECO NT 3300 employs WYKO proprietary high-resolution capacitive imaging design, which combines optical and scan head signals, allowing for a significantly enhanced surface inspection of any given wafer. NT 3300 also comes with advanced surface metrology capabilities, including: scanning capacitance microscopy; secure scanning tunneling microscopy; optical and acoustical profilometry; and capacitance wafer testing. WYKO / VEECO NT 3300 also features an adjustable touch-probe module that can measure small features with high accuracy, allowing for precise measurement of wafer dimensions. The touch-probe module is capable of providing measurements in microns, millimeters, and centimeters, and can also measure two-dimensional surface features, such as corner radii, ridge heights, step heights, junction depths, and gate drive features. In addition to its advanced wafer and surface inspection capabilities, WYKO NT 3300 also offers a range of advanced software modules that provide high-end analysis and modeling capabilities. These include: layer mapping; failure analysis display; overlay inspection; real-time spectrum analysis; and process flow analysis. Additionally, VEECO NT 3300 supports a variety of data input/output formats, including digital images, ASCII text, and g-code. Overall, NT 3300 is a powerful and reliable wafer testing and metrology system, designed to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry. It features advanced optical and non-contact surface characterization techniques and an adjustable multi-function touch-probe module that makes measurements with high accuracy. WYKO / VEECO NT 3300 also contains numerous software modules and can accommodate a variety of data input/output formats. This makes WYKO NT 3300 an ideal solution for semiconductor manufacturers looking for a reliable wafer testing and metrology system.
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