Used WYKO / VEECO NT 8000 #9221760 for sale

ID: 9221760
Optical profiler.
WYKO / VEECO NT 8000 is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for precise measurement and control of wafer processes. Using advanced optics and scanning systems, this system enables engineers to test and monitor wafers with unparalleled accuracy and flexibility. WYKO NT 8000's optics are designed with an abbé condenser for a flat, non-distorting image of a wafer. This condenser is fed by a high resolution, high sensitivity digital camera. Together, these parts allow the unit to acquire and analyze wafer images with unsurpassed precision. Additionally, VEECO NT8000 features a sample stage capable of precise manual movement or automated operation. When automated, the stage is programmed for a variety of scans, including global scans, line scans, and individual, line-by-line scans. WYKO / VEECO NT8000 includes both a wafer mapping machine and a sample analysis tool. The mapping asset is used for measuring a variety of surface characteristics such as topology, defects, and impurities. This data is used to create composite images of the wafer's topology. Meanwhile, the sample analysis model takes these topology maps and uses sophisticated algorithms to measure critical wafer operation parameters such as flatness, defectivity, and surface textures. All of the data acquired by NT8000 is organized, stored, and analyzed through an intuitive software interface. It allows users to easily review and save all wafer testing results. Additionally, the software provides visualization tools for creating 3D renderings of complex wafer shapes and geometries. NT 8000 provides a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment capable of providing precise and accurate results for a variety of wafer processes. Utilizing specialized optics, a sample stage, mapping and analysis systems, and an intuitive software interface, engineers can use WYKO NT8000 to analyze and modify wafers with greater accuracy and control than ever before.
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