Used WYKO / VEECO NT 8000 #9256533 for sale

ID: 9256533
Vintage: 2006
Optical profiler 2006 vintage.
WYKO / VEECO NT 8000 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment. It is designed for accurate quantification of semiconductor devices and materials, providing precise and reliable testing. This system can be used to measure a variety of parameters such as surface topography, material morphology, microstructure, and properties. WYKO NT 8000 is equipped with a range of advanced technologies, such as Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Ellipsometry, and Cathode Luminance imaging. FTIR is an optical technique used to determine the chemical structure of a sample. Ellipsometry is a type of spectroscopy used to measure the variation of light polarizing properties. Cathode Luminance imaging is a non-invasive technique used to image and analyze the effects of material processes. VEECO NT8000 comes with modularized motorized stages for sample positioning and scanning control. The unit also includes integrated ultra-high vacuum chambers with optional environmental controls. It is designed for cost-effective testing within small areas.The machine also includes various software tools for data acquisition, analysis, and visualization. WYKO / VEECO NT8000 tool has a high accuracy and repeatability of measurements, enabling users to make reliable and consistent measurements. It is designed for use in a wide range of application areas such as failure analysis, characterization of a new material layer, and device testing. VEECO NT 8000 offers users flexibility and convenience. It is equipped with advanced automation capabilities, allowing users to automate the tedious processes involved in wafer testing and metrology tasks. It also features powerful visualization tools to enable users to quickly review data and identify areas of interest. By automating and streamlining the testing process, this asset reduces the amount of time and resources needed to obtain accurate results. Overall, NT8000 is a reliable and accurate wafer testing and metrology model, providing users with precise measurements and high levels of repeatability. Its advanced technologies and automation capabilities allow users to complete testing tasks quickly and efficiently.
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