Used WYKO / VEECO NT 8000 #9309092 for sale

ID: 9309092
Vintage: 2005
Optical 3D surface profiler With BASLER A311f Digital camera Stitching and advanced analysis Motorized nosepiece with objectives: 5x and 50x Gail stage controller: 5-Axis TMC Isolation table DELL OptiPlex Operating system: Windows XP 2005 vintage.
WYKO / VEECO NT 8000 is a high-performance wafer testing and metrology system designed for measuring the electrical and physical properties of semiconductors. The system offers a variety of scanning options such as SEM scanning electron microscope, TEM transmission electron microscope, AFM atomic force microscope, and FTIR Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. All of these scan options enable advanced measurements such as current density mapping, capacitance-voltage, and stress mapping for advanced wafer diagnostics. WYKO NT 8000 features a large area scanning capacity of up to 200mm in size with up to 10µm resolution depending on the scanner and application. This makes it optimized for the testing and metrology of large wafers. VEECO NT8000 also provides a variety of analytical capabilities. Wafer thickness measurement, surface roughness and topography are all available, while dark-field TEM imaging and chemical analysis with energy dispersive X-rays are also achievable. WYKO / VEECO NT8000 features an automated sample handling system, designed to facilitate fast and efficient wafer testing. It can be configured to accommodate a variety of substrate sizes and container types. In addition, easy software-based programmability ensures reliable, automated analysis of large batches. NT 8000 is designed to enable accurate, repeatable measurements. Its high speed, high resolution and high throughput make it an ideal solution for fast and reliable wafer testing and metrology. In addition, its advanced analytical capabilities can be used to enhance process yield and reliability.
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