Used WYKO / VEECO RST+ #67577 for sale

ID: 67577
Optical Profiler Base one sits on top of second base Optical unit Table is manufactured by TMC.
WYKO / VEECO RST+ is a wafer testing and metrology equipment for the characterization of semiconductor wafers. This system is designed for the measurement of both optical and electrical properties of the wafer material, giving valuable data for further analysis and instrumentation fabrication. The unit consists of a metrology unit, based on eximer laser scanning technology and a testing unit, which utilizes multi-probe technology. The metrology unit is capable of measuring a wide range of parameters including crystal orientation, texture, surface and edge quality, thickness uniformity, surface reflectivity and topographic height. This can be done with scan rates up to 30 mm/sec, while still achieving repeatable results with a high accuracy of ±2.5 nm (two-sigma). It is also capable of imaging in 3D and presenting the results in stereoscopic view. The machine is capable of inspecting a variety of different material types from silicon to gallium arsenide. The test unit utilizes multi-probe technology for electrical and optoelectronic tests. This includes electrical characteristics of a wide range of parameters, including gate leakage current, gate capacitance, gate-drain capacitance and leakage current. This can be performed with an accuracy of ±0.5fA. Additionally, optoelectronic characteristics such as optical lifetimes and photon-to-carrier mobility ratio can be measured. With a scan speed up to 30 probe/sec, the tool is able to analyze both electrical and optical properties of a single wafer. WYKO RST+ asset provides accurate and repeatable measurement results for both optical and electrical properties of wafer material. The metrology and testing units are entirely automated and enable fast measurements, providing valuable data for further analysis and fabrication. The model is capable of analyzing a wide variety of different material types and has a high accuracy in both optical and electrical parameters.
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