Used WYKO / VEECO SP 3200 #9174271 for sale

ID: 9174271
Profiling system.
WYKO / VEECO SP 3200 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that has been designed for the analysis of critical semiconductor devices. The system enables users to effectively analyze large substrates, including those created via advanced nanotechnology, while maintaining superior accuracy. This robust metrology unit allows for quick and precise wafer testing and can analyze patterns as small as 50 nanometers. It supports high-resolution scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and surface profiling capabilities. This machine also features a fast and automated XY stage that is capable of moving up to 400 mm/sec. The inspection tool is equipped with the latest AccuVisc™-MX integrated software package, which provides a graphical and user-friendly platform for data acquisition and reporting. This comprehensive program is capable of simulating up to four separate X and Y scan heads, and can create detailed 3D device maps in real-time. The integrated toolkit also features an embedded video output, allowing for real-time visualization. WYKO SP 3200 asset also offers a number of specialized features, such as automated critical dimension (CD) and overlay measurements. This model can also be used to measure the resistivity of a sample wafer, and is equipped with an advanced voltage programming module for fine control and analysis. VEECO SP 3200 is an incredibly powerful wafer testing and metrology equipment that is well suited for advanced modulation and lithography applications. This system offers superior accuracy and fast scanning capabilities, allowing users to quickly analyze and identify even the smallest of defects or irregularities on wafer substrates. With its intuitive user interface, integrated software package, and specialized features, this unit provides an excellent platform for semiconductor design and analysis.
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