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ULVAC is a leading manufacturer of electronic test equipment that provides a wide range of sophisticated and reliable products for various industries. The company offers a diverse range of analog testing instruments that have numerous advantages for accurate and efficient testing. One of ULVAC's notable offerings is the CME-400ET, a multi-channel electrometer that offers high-speed, high-precision measurement of electric current and charge. Equipped with a large feature-rich display and various communication interfaces, this instrument enables easy operation and data analysis. Another remarkable product is the COVOT-6, a vacuum gauge system known for its exceptional performance and reliability. This instrument provides accurate pressure measurements in vacuum systems, offering real-time monitoring and precise control. ULVAC's D-5DA is a versatile digital lock-in amplifier that guarantees precision in frequency response and signal recovery. This instrument is widely used for analyzing low-frequency signals and eliminating the effects of noise and interference, making it ideal for various research and testing applications. ULVAC's electronic test equipment stands out for its high quality, ease of use, and advanced features. These instruments ensure accurate and reliable measurement results, reducing testing time and improving efficiency. With their exceptional performance and durability, ULVAC's electronic test equipment is a preferred choice for professionals in industries such as semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, and medical.

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