Used ULVAC (Etchers / Ashers) for sale

ULVAC is a leading manufacturer of etchers/ashers, which are essential tools in various industries for precision plasma processing. ULVAC's etchers/ashers are known for their high-quality construction and superior performance. Analogues of ULVAC's etchers/ashers include the NE-950EX, Phoenix, and Enviro II models. These machines offer a range of features and capabilities to meet the diverse needs of different applications. One of the key advantages of ULVAC's etchers/ashers is their exceptional etching uniformity, ensuring a consistent and precise processing outcome. They also offer excellent process control capabilities, allowing users to adjust parameters such as gas flow, power density, and plasma distribution, leading to better process optimizations. ULVAC machines are designed with advanced safety features to protect both operators and the environment. They incorporate systems that effectively capture and neutralize harmful gases, ensuring minimal emissions and compliance with regulations. These machines also feature user-friendly interfaces, making operation and maintenance hassle-free. Some notable examples of ULVAC's etchers/ashers are the NE-950EX, Phoenix, and Enviro II models. The NE-950EX is highly regarded for its exceptional versatility and scalability. The Phoenix series offers a range of models tailored for specific applications, ensuring efficient and precise processing. The Enviro II model stands out for its eco-friendly design, with advanced gas recycling systems and low-power consumption. Overall, ULVAC's etchers/ashers are renowned for their efficiency, precision, safety, and adaptability, making them an excellent choice for semiconductor manufacturing, research laboratories, and various other industries.