Used ULVAC (Wafer Handlers) for sale

ULVAC is a renowned manufacturer of wafer handlers, offering a range of high-quality and advanced solutions. Their wafer handlers are designed to efficiently and precisely handle silicon wafers during semiconductor manufacturing processes. These wafer handlers are widely recognized for their exceptional performance and reliability. One of the main advantages of ULVAC wafer handlers is their superior analogues. These handlers incorporate cutting-edge technologies and innovative features that result in enhanced wafer handling capabilities. They can accommodate various wafer sizes and thicknesses, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of semiconductor production requirements. ULVAC offers several models of wafer handlers, such as COVOT-6, COVOT-6-X5A, and K3-706. The COVOT-6 is a high-speed front opening unified pod (FOUP) wafer handler with improved contact precision and exceptional throughput. The COVOT-6-X5A is an advanced version with extended loading capacity designed for larger wafer sizes. The K3-706 is a versatile wafer handling system equipped with multiple FOUP load ports, making it suitable for high-volume production. In conclusion, ULVAC's wafer handlers are top-of-the-line solutions that provide efficient, reliable, and precise wafer handling capabilities. Their analogues, such as the COVOT-6, COVOT-6-X5A, and K3-706, offer various advantages including compatibility with different wafer sizes, high throughput, and advanced features for semiconductor manufacturing processes.

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