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KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE is a leading manufacturer of laser-based metrology systems used in various industries such as semiconductor, solar, and data storage. Their lasers offer highly accurate and precise measurements for critical process control and yield enhancement. One of the main advantages of KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE lasers is their ability to provide non-contact, non-destructive measurements. This eliminates the need for physical probing or sampling, reducing the risk of damaging delicate materials. The lasers also offer fast and real-time measurements, allowing for quick feedback and adjustments during production processes. One example of their laser product line is the 2211-20SLAT, which is specifically designed for thin film measurements. This laser utilizes spectroscopic ellipsometry to analyze parameters such as thickness, refractive index, and film roughness. The 2211-20SLAT is highly reliable and provides accurate measurements even on challenging surfaces. Another example is the WDP 1000, which is used for wafer defect inspection. This laser system uses confocal imaging technology to detect and classify defects on wafers, ensuring optimal quality control during the manufacturing process. Overall, KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE lasers offer a range of advanced features and capabilities that contribute to improved process control, higher yields, and cost savings for industries relying on precision metrology.

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