Used KLA / TENCOR / THERMA-WAVE (Wafer Testing And Metrology) for sale

KLA/Tencor/Therma-Wave is a leading manufacturer of wafer testing and metrology equipment. The company offers a range of products that are used in the semiconductor industry for quality control and process optimization. One of their flagship products is the Optiprobe series, which includes models like Optiprobe 2600, Optiprobe 2600B, and Optiprobe 5240. These systems are used for non-contact wafer testing and metrology, providing precise measurements of thin film thickness, composition, and other parameters. The advantages of KLA/Tencor/Therma-Wave's wafer testing and metrology units lie in their accuracy, speed, and versatility. These machines are designed to handle various wafer sizes and can be integrated into different process steps. They provide real-time feedback, enabling manufacturers to quickly identify and rectify any issues in the production line. The non-contact nature of these tools also minimizes the risk of damage to the wafers. For example, the Optiprobe 2600 is a high-performance system that offers exceptional accuracy and repeatability. It is capable of measuring thin films as thin as a few nanometers with sub-nanometer resolution. The Optiprobe 2600B, on the other hand, is a benchtop model that offers similar measurement capabilities but is more compact and portable. The Optiprobe 5240 is designed for in-line process control, allowing for rapid measurements without disrupting the production line. Overall, KLA/Tencor/Therma-Wave's wafer testing and metrology assets are essential tools for semiconductor manufacturers, helping them ensure the quality and reliability of their products.