Used RUDOLPH / AUGUST NSX 105 #9289668 for sale

ID: 9289668
Vintage: 2012
Inspection system 2012 vintage.
RUDOLPH / AUGUST NSX 105 is a high performance mask and wafer inspection equipment. This system is engineered to be a complete inspection solution capable of providing defect monitoring and evaluation of mask and wafer quality. It utilizes precision inspection modules to capture design image data, as well as extensive multiple defect analysis filters, to identify and classify defects faster and more accurately than ever before. Additionally, AUGUST NSX-105 includes advanced defect characterization tools to provide comprehensive analysis and report capability. RUDOLPH NSX 105 utilizes a unique fiber optics design that allows it to inspect up to 10,000 mask and wafer images per hour. This inspection unit also boasts a 3 megapixel resolution, allowing it to capture any design details as small as down to 3 µm. This enables ultra-fast defect detection and classification, which is essential for efficient visual inspections. RUDOLPH NSX-105 also features a host of image processing filters that allow for automated detection and classification of common defects such as pattern breaks, contaminants, particle inclusions, metal accumulation, and edge defects. The pattern break filters make sure that patterns that do not match the original mask design are recognized and reported. Additionally, the metal accumulation filter finds metal features that are different from their expected pitch width. This eliminates false positives, making it easier for operators to identify true defects. AUGUST NSX 105 also offers advanced defect characterization tools, allowing operators to identify and classify defects more accurately than ever before. These tools use optical microscope and polarization microscope systems to determine the type and size of defects, as well as their perceived origin. This helps operators distinguish true defects from false positives and separate general contamination from serious defects. Finally, NSX 105 includes optional image capture and analysis software modules, allowing operators to store images and analyze them at a later time. This feature provides engineers with the ability to review images off-site or even remotely if needed. Overall, NSX 105 is a highly advanced mask and wafer inspection machine designed to provide operators with the most comprehensive and accurate defect analysis capabilities available. Utilizing precision inspection modules and advanced defect characterization tools, this tool is capable of providing comprehensive information to ensure the production of quality products.
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