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ID: 9162771
Wafer thickness measurement systems Wafer sorter.
ADE / KLA / TENCOR 6033 Wafer Testing and Metrology equipment is used to measure critical device parameters such as device dimensions, critical DC and AC electrical parameters for MOSFETs, bipolar, resistors, capacitors, non-volatile memory (NVM) structures and logic gates on silicon wafers. The system is capable of collecting and analyzing hundreds of data points to ensure that the device is correctly manufactured. The unit is designed for accuracy, speed, and flexibility. It features an automated wafer handling machine for sorted wafers up to 8 inches in diameter. In addition, the tool offers several unique features to conduct experiments with wafer level testing of multiple die on a single wafer. The asset is capable of testing devices up to 400um thick with high precision and accuracy due to its high-resolution optical model. It utilizes a bright-field and dark-field imaging equipment, delivering superior signal-to-noise ratios by capturing images with an exposure time of only a few hundred nanoseconds. The system is equipped with a 3-axis stage movement, enabling the measurement of large number of test data points across the wafer rapidly. ADE 6033 unit offers a suite of tools that enable high-throughput millimeter- and sub-micron-level measurement. It includes abundant resolution settings, which can be set up and used quickly and flexibly. Measurement capabilities include: fast topography measurement, fast IP metrology, pulse electrical parameter measurement, capacitance-voltage (C-V) curve measurement, and gate oxide breakdown measurement. In addition, the machine's integrated software platform reduces the time and complexity of data analysis. By leveraging the tool's toolsets, it quickly identifies process defects and wafer assembly, device performance, threshold voltage, center of die positional accuracy, and data accuracy. KLA 6033 Wafer Testing and Metrology asset is an advanced model that offers enhanced speed, accuracy, and flexibility for wafer testing. It provides a comprehensive suite of testing tools to identify process and device defects quickly and accurately.
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