Used ADE / KLA / TENCOR 6034 #9162772 for sale

ID: 9162772
Wafer sorter Flatness measurement system.
ADE / KLA / TENCOR 6034 wafer testing and metrology equipment is a fully automated inspector that is ideal for pre- and post-production semiconductor inspection and metrology. It provides unparalleled in-line and offline wafer inspection performance that enables quick final yields and containment. ADE 6034 system utilizes the latest in wafer surface analysis technology, including white light scatterometry, color imaging, and SLRD. This combination of technologies helps ensure that any defects, particle contamination, scratches, edge chipping, or other anomalies are detected and identified quickly and accurately. The unit is designed to achieve high reliability during its lifetime, as well as provide a minimal scrap rate of wafers. The machine uses a high-resolution CCD camera that allows for edge observations from a wafer's center, analysis of any anomalies, and trustworthy classification. This ensures that reliable inspection results are provided in each cycle. KLA 6034 also utilizes a powerful software engine and advanced algorithms that allow it to produce consistent and reliable data quickly and accurately. It is capable of detecting any kind of defect or abnormality in early fabrication stages, including lineedge roughness, linewidths, metal analysis, and topography mapping. This ensures that the most accurate and reliable process data is obtained in the shortest time possible. TENCOR 6034 also offers highly advanced in-die metrology. It integrates several technologies, such as brightfield review, optical microscope, critical dimension (CD) measurement, overlay measurement, and SAT scribe line review. This enables it to provide complete measurements of any sample, regardless of size or complexity. 6034 helps reduce costs by enabling fewer breaks in production. It can be easily integrated into any existing semiconductor manufacturing line and used for both off- and in-line processing. The tool ensures maximum optimization of any production process, helping to improve throughput and reduce time to market. Finally, the asset provides high data throughput for quicker data throughput and reduced cycle time. Additionally, it is one of the most reliable, robust and accurate wafer testing and metrology systems currently available on the market.
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