Used ADE / KLA / TENCOR 6035 #134761 for sale

ID: 134761
Wafer gauge.
ADE / KLA / TENCOR 6035 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to analyze production-level device characteristics associated with current generation semiconductor processes. This system is ideal for the evaluation of un-packaged or packaged components and assemblies. ADE 6035 is composed of a series of components that enable the unit to perform critical measurements for defect characterization, test yield and advanced process control. The core of KLA 6035 machine is the mechanical structure, which includes a wafer booster and a large area, high-speed substrate table. The wafer booster is used for loading and unloading the sample wafer to and from the table. This feature enables fast turnaround of wafers, ensuring accurate sample handling and consistent high-quality wafer testing results. The high-speed substrate table is designed to provide high wafer throughput by enabling parallel testing and metrology of multiple wafers at once. TENCOR 6035 is equipped with an advanced automated optical inspection (AOI) tool. This asset is capable of detecting and characterizing defects such as electrical shorts and opens. It also allows the user to acquire high-resolution topographical and 2D cross-sectional images. The automated microscopy of 6035 uses an inspection method called bright field imaging. Bright field imaging enables the visualization of fine, production-level features in real-time. Additionally, the microscopy of ADE / KLA / TENCOR 6035 also provides high-resolution images of wafer defects, such as line-widths, pin-holes, edge-lithography, voids, and line-edge-roughness. In addition to AOI, ADE 6035 is also equipped with a wafer prober. This model allows for electrical testing of specific areas on the wafer, in order to identify any discrepancies in performance. The wafer prober also includes software that allows for the control of the prober's functions and operations. KLA 6035 is also capable of performing high-precision metrology of the wafer's structure. This equipment's metrology capabilities provide quantitative information regarding the material properties and mechanical behavior of wafers. It is capable of providing 3D surface measurements, such as step height, topography, and surface roughness. It is also capable of measuring wafer shape and uniformity parameters including contours, deviations, and surface profile. In sum, TENCOR 6035 is an automated wafer testing and metrology system providing advanced features for defect characterization, test yield measurement, and process control. This unit is composed of multiple components, such as the mechanical structure, AOI machine, wafer prober, and metrology capabilities. 6035 tool also provides quantitative information regarding the structure and characteristics of wafers.
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