Used ADE / KLA / TENCOR 780 MRT #9132937 for sale

ID: 9132937
Digital measurement system.
ADE / KLA / TENCOR 780 MRT is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment for semiconductor manufacturing. It is designed to help characterise wafer processes and identify process defects, providing insights into the performance of the process and ultimately helping to reduce manufacturing costs. ADE 780 MRT features two measurement heads - each of which contains sensors for measuring electrical properties of the wafer surface and an image capture system for detailed imaging of the wafer surface. These measurement heads carry out wafer spectral reflectance, imaging of defects, electrical leakage measurements, and wafer flatness and warp measurements. The two measurement heads can be simultaneously used to deliver both in-line and off-line measurements. The wafer can be processed in-line while the other head is ready for a real-time measurement; this capability allows for early detection of defects in the production cycle and rapid feedback for process improvement or defect prevention. In-line measurements can be used to track various aspects of the process, such as wafer cleanliness, dielectric layer thickness, and flatness. Off-line measurements can then be used to detect and characterise defects, process non-uniformities and monitor critical specifications, such as surface roughness, oxide/silicon ratio, and contamination levels. KLA 780 MRT also offers extensive analysis capabilities, providing in-depth information about the materials being tested, enabling the user to quickly understand trends on the wafer and between different wafer lots. The unit can generate multi-parameter scatter diagrams of data collected from the measurements, helping identify problems and guide corrective actions. In addition, the machine offers a range of metrology-related software solutions to analyse data collected from the measurements. These solutions can provide detailed reports, perform statistical analysis, and compare data from various sites on the wafer, as well as from different wafer lots. 780 MRT is highly versatile and can be customized with a variety of hardware options, such as a dust-proof cabinet, an automated wafer staging tool, an integrated monitoring asset, and temperature and humidity control. Overall, TENCOR 780 MRT provides a comprehensive and versatile platform for wafer testing and metrology, enabling customers to get the most out of their wafer processes. It helps identify and characterize process issues quickly and accurately, and provides the necessary information for corrective actions.
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