Used ADE / KLA / TENCOR 780 MRT #9132939 for sale

ID: 9132939
Digital measurement system.
ADE / KLA / TENCOR 780 MRT is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to ensure quality of products through precision evaluations and measurements. It is a versatile, high-end system specifically engineered to meet the demands of a wide range of semiconductor and nanotechnology manufacturing. ADE 780 MRT unit is the latest in a line of similar systems, incorporating groundbreaking advances in nanometrology and automated defect inspection technologies. KLA 780 MRT is equipped with state-of-the-art optics and laser metrology tools including focus-variation microscopy (FVM), automatic focus control (AFM), and white light interferometry (WLI). This reliable and reliable machine is capable of measuring a wide variety of features on a wafer from the microscopic level up to the nanoscale with exceptional precision. Additionally, the tool can also be used to detect and inspect defects and contaminants on the wafer's surface, helping to ensure the highest quality checks and balances possible. All in all, 780 MRT is an essential tool for measuring and testing the latest advances in semiconductor and nanotechnology development. The asset provides a highly accurate view of each wafer's features, from its profile, size distributions, flatness, and thickness to the smallest particles down to the nanometer level. Utilizing its powerful optical and laser metrology tools, the model can identify and analyze any defects or foreign particles with accuracy and clarity, minimizing manufacturing risks and defects in finished products. With its comprehensive suite of testing and metrology tools, TENCOR 780 MRT is the perfect solution for ensuring the highest quality products for the most demanding manufacturing processes.
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