Used ADE / KLA / TENCOR 9300 #9075984 for sale

ID: 9075984
Ultrascan wafer inspection system.
ADE / KLA / TENCOR 9300 is an automated wafer testing and metrology equipment for monitoring and analyzing semiconductor device process quality and reliability. It is capable of performing a variety of measurements on both silicon and other structures, including electrical, process, overlay, and film thickness tests. This system is designed to enhance production yield and product performance. The unit's measurement measurements are made up of optical, electrical, or mechanical measurements which it takes from the device layout. It then processes this data and analyzes it to obtain process parameters like resistivity, oxide thickness, and oxide filling. ADE 9300 is a modular machine that can be configured to meet the testing and metrology needs of any specific wafer fabrication process. The tool can be expandable based on the number of wafers that need to be tested and which parameters are being measured. The asset is also highly customizable allowing users to change the testing parameters as needed. The model's versatility combined with its accuracy makes it ideal for quality assurance and has made it the go-to metrology equipment for many manufacturers. KLA 9300 offers several features which makes it suitable for different applications. It is an integrated system which can measure multiple devices at the same time, and its high speed and accuracy enables precise process monitoring, plus it can be used in complex monitoring applications which require critical measurements. Additionally, this unit has advanced interface capabilities, allowing it to be integrated with other systems such as robotics. This makes it possible to perform automated wafer testing and metrology processes with maximum accuracy and speed. The machine also offers automated wafer testing and metrology services such as data logging, reporting, and analysis of process monitoring, yields, trends, and reliability. Its advanced algorithms enable it to identify and isolate process and reliability related failures quickly. Overall, TENCOR 9300 is an effective and reliable wafer testing and metrology tool that offers users a comprehensive and integrated solution for monitoring and analyzing semiconductor device process quality and reliability. It is an accurate, versatile, and cost effective asset that is suitable for a variety of applications. Furthermore, with its advanced interface capabilities, it is capable of being integrated with other processes and systems, allowing manufacturers to streamline their operations and improve overall productivity.
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