Used ADE / KLA / TENCOR 9500 UltraGage #9175629 for sale

ID: 9175629
Wafer Size: 8"
Probe set and controller Nominal thickness: 725 μm TTV: 1 μm Thin film: 1 μm.
ADE / KLA / TENCOR 9500 UltraGage is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment for the microelectronics industry. Designed to provide precise and reliable measurement of both critical dimensions and overlay, ADE 9500 UltraGage offers powerful capabilities for the high-precision analysis of wafers, substrates, and virtually any other substrate measurement requirement. The UltraGage utilizes proprietary imaging algorithms to scan the surface of the wafer, substrate, or other material to identify and accurately measure even very small features. This technology combines the ability to scan large areas and high-volume production lines with unequaled resolution and accuracy. With both optical microscopy forms, such as brightfield imaging and darkfield imaging, and e-beam and x-ray imaging, measurements are accurate and reliable. All measurements are taken in microns. KLA 9500 UltraGage includes powerful image analysis software that allows users to analyze and interpret the data from their measurements. This software enables the user to create reports based on the results of their measurements, as well as to analyze and compare different data sets. The software is also compatible with a wide range of third-party programs, allowing users to easily integrate their measurements into other programs. In addition, TENCOR 9500 UltraGage also supports programmable automation for continued, repeated measurements over long production runs. The automated process allows for increased productivity while ensuring that measurements are performed with repeatable accuracy and consistency. For users who require an even higher level of control and accuracy, 9500 UltraGage offers the ability to customize its settings and software. This allows users to customize the system to their specific requirements and to their exacting standards, resulting in the highest level of performance from ADE / KLA / TENCOR 9500 UltraGage unit. For those who need an advanced, reliable, and accurate machine for wafer testing and metrology, ADE 9500 UltraGage provides the perfect solution. This powerful tool offers superior image generation, image analysis, and automated measurement processes, ensuring accurate and repeatable results for any application. Whether you are looking for analysis of critical dimensions and overlay, or simply a reliable and accurate metrology asset, KLA 9500 UltraGage is the perfect choice.
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