Used ADE / KLA / TENCOR AFS 3220 #9055341 for sale

ID: 9055341
Wafer surface measurement system.
ADE / KLA / TENCOR AFS 3220 wafer testing and metrology equipment is a comprehensive set of tools used for the current state of semiconductor processing. It is designed with a very efficient and accurate detection system for detecting defects in wafers, reducing cost and increasing yields. ADE AFS 3220 unit contains several components such as an advanced defect review machine, an automated surface characterization tool, an automated focus recognition asset, as well as several automated control systems for measuring key parameters. The advanced defect review model uses numerous cameras to detect and analyze defects on the surface of test wafers. It is capable of identifying virtually all possible defects, ranging from minor to major ones such as scratches, particles, contamination, misprinted features, alignment discrepancies, incomplete repeat structures, and other process related issues. It also provides a detailed analysis of the defect severity as well as its location on the wafer. The automated surface characterization equipment is used for measuring critical wafer surface parameters such as surface roughness, flatness, homogeneity, adhesion, and surface damage. This system is capable of measuring and providing accurate values for different parameters related to the electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties of the wafer. The automated focus recognition unit automatically adjusts the focus of the wafer in order to ensure accurate measurements. It is also capable of providing real-time feedback, enabling the machine to keep up with the rapidly changing steps of semiconductor fabrication. In addition to these components, KLA AFS 3220 tool also has several automated control systems for measuring various parameters such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. These control systems allow the operator to maintain a safe and consistent environment for the processing to take place. TENCOR AFS 3220 asset is an extremely versatile model that is designed to detect and analyze a variety of defects and properties on the wafer surface. It can be used for numerous applications such as defect inspection, process control, and yield enhancement. Its automated components ensure accurate, efficient, and rapid defect detection and analysis, and thereby increase yields and decrease costs.
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