Used ADE / KLA / TENCOR MicRhoSense 6035 #9157018 for sale

ID: 9157018
Wafer resistivity gauge.
ADE / KLA / TENCOR MicRhoSense 6035 is a high performance wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for highest efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. It provides wafer-level measurements of electrical and optical parameters from 0 to 6035 angstroms, and delivers detailed insight into wafer performance, enabling manufacturers to better understand their products. The system includes a telescoping dual-axis reflectometer (ARDER) for in-line reflectance measurements, an automated wafer mapping microscope for standard top and side views of wafers, as well as advanced color imaging and brightness data for measurement and analysis. It empowers users with the flexibility to process both integrated circuit (IC) and non-IC test pieces, thanks to its full coverage of wafer spectrum up to 6.035nm. ADE MicRhoSense 6035 features a high dynamic range of up to 230dBs, as well as a minimum linewidth of 5mm, which is suitable for measuring die with narrow features, fine lines, and thin layers. Additionally, the unit can process a wide range of materials, with high throughput, and provide reliable calibrations and validations. It is equipped with automated gain and offset correction algorithms to improve accuracy and repeatability. The machine also has a built in self-test ( automated defect inspection) feature, which can be used for automated in-process diagnostics. KLA MicRhoSense 6035 is highly customizable, offering a wide range of options, such as advanced software for data evaluation and analysis, and a wide selection of accessories, such as beam splitters and polarizers as well as a wide range of micro-inspection and metrology tools. This tool is designed for maximum efficiency and accuracy, and is suitable for various applications in wafer production, such as fault analysis, as well as process control, defect detection and qualification. This asset provides a comprehensive solution for production and engineering teams, as well as semiconductor companies and wafer manufacturing facilities.
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