Used ADE / KLA / TENCOR UltraScan 9300 #9036357 for sale

ID: 9036357
Wafer inspection system (2) Send stations (3) Receive stations No E-Station Pre-aligner station Hi Res station Lo Res station Typing station: Contact style Single End Effector Robot ASC Computer / controller Backup software tapes and hard drive Electronic rack with power supply ADE 350 Robot control Light curtain Single / Dual end effector robot.
ADE / KLA / TENCOR UltraScan 9300 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment allowing engineers to measure integrated circuit performance during the production process. It is used to detect non-conformities in chips and sub-systems, during the back editing process, by employing complex metrics such as optoelectronic measurement techniques, defect imaging, and particle size analysis. The system provides up to three synchronously-controlled imaging modalities: laser scatter (LS), darkfield (DF), and brightfield (BF), enabling visually-accurate defect identification and precise automatic defect classification. Defect recognition is aided by powerful programming algorithms which enable identification of linear, vector, and chip-level defects. ADE UltraScan 9300 is also equipped with an on-board PC for wafer data management, and advanced unit feedback algorithms for data-accuracy verification. Its hardware is integrated into a 4-axis robotic measurement platform for improved wafer-to-wafer consistency and reduced false alarms. It has an upper-stage, polarizing filter and light scattering detector, both with adaptable pass-band centers for precise measurements. In terms of functioning, the machine takes input from the primary measurement, such as laser scatter (LS) or darkfield (DF), and assesses several parameters including contrast, resolution, noise, background noise, and uniformity. It then converts the measured data into useful performance metrics, with data capture and analysis in the fields of linear intensity, vector intensity, and die-to-die uniformity. The tool also includes aspects of Smartyield's software, which permits the tracing of individual defects on the chip, and subsequent identification of affected electrical components. This allows engineers to quickly and accurately isolate non-conformities and adjust accordingly. In summary, KLA ULTRA SCAN 9300 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology asset offering precise measuring capabilities with multiple imaging modalities, numerous data analysis methods, and a powerful on-board PC for improved data management and feedback monitoring. It can trace individual defects and isolate non-conformities, allowing engineers to address issues quickly and efficiently.
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