Used CHROMA KGK-CCS3000 #9156023 for sale

ID: 9156023
Automatic measuring machine.
CHROMA KGK-CCS3000 is a specialist wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for laboratory and industrial use. The system combines a suite of sophisticated optical imaging instruments with advanced electronics and software to allow accurate recording and analysis of the material properties of wafers at a variety of scales. The unit is composed of four main components - a 3D imaging stage, a 3D interferometer, a CCD imaging and spectroscopy unit, and a deep UV spectroscopy unit. The 3D imaging stage allows for extremely precise measurement and positioning of wafers during the imaging process. The 3D interferometer measures the surface roughness of the wafer at a nanoscale level of accuracy. The CCD imaging and spectroscopy unit allows for simultaneous imaging, capture, and analysis of both visible and near-infrared spectrum materials. The deep UV spectroscopy unit provides spectroscopic information about materials in the UV spectrum. The machine is designed for a number of specialized wafer testing applications, such as photolithography, optical metrology, defect detection, and lifetime testing. The 3D imaging stage, interferometer, CCD imaging and spectroscopy unit, and deep UV spectroscopy unit enable accurate recording and analysis of material properties (including surface properties and optical constants) at a variety of scales. KGK-CCS3000 is an ideal tool for ensuring quality control during every step in the wafer testing and production process. It is reliable, easy to use and operate, and includes advanced software options for controlling the asset and managing the data generated. The model is designed to be highly serviceable, with a wide array of support options available for users and maintenance personnel.
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