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CyberOptics is a leading manufacturer of wafer testing and metrology equipment used in the semiconductor industry. Their advanced technologies provide high precision measurements and inspections for wafer production processes. One example of their wafer testing system is the Cyberscan Vantage, which offers non-contact 3D scanning inspection of wafers. It is capable of detecting defects and analyzing critical parameters, such as bumps, scratches, and contaminants. The system is designed for both small and large wafer sizes, offering flexibility and accuracy. Another notable product is the EX-43Q wafer metrology system. It is a 3D inspection and metrology solution for inspecting patterned wafers. The EX-43Q can measure critical dimensions, including topography, overlay, and edge bead removal (EBR). This system provides essential data for process control, yield enhancement, and improving production efficiency. CyberOptics' wafer testing and metrology systems offer several advantages. They provide high-speed and high-resolution measurement capabilities, resulting in improved accuracy and reliability. These units also ensure better process control, reducing time and costs associated with production defects. Additionally, CyberOptics offers comprehensive software packages that enable data analysis, mapping, and customized reporting. Overall, CyberOptics' wafer testing and metrology machines, like the Cyberscan Vantage and EX-43Q, are state-of-the-art tools that help semiconductor manufacturers maintain the highest quality standards and optimize their production processes.

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