Used FARO Laser Tracker ION #9068339 for sale

FARO Laser Tracker ION
ID: 9068339
Vintage: 2012
Interferometer system, 2012 vintage.
FARO Laser Tracker ION is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to deliver highly accurate and repeatable measurements of the physical dimensions and properties of semiconductor wafers. The system combines a high performance laser tracking unit with a range of powerful metrology tools, allowing for incredibly precise analysis and measurement of wafers in the production environment. Laser Tracker ION's 5 axes arm is capable of fast neigbour detection and fully automated wafer measurements. The integrated laser scanner additionally allows for fast and accurate scanning of the wafer, while the machine's edge detection capabilities provide high precision metrology and analysis. FARO tool allows for accurate and repeatable measurements of both the diameter and thickness of wafers. The high-resolution laser allows for accurate angular measurement and pixel resolution of wafer images, enabling users to analyse the quality in a variety of ways. Additionally, the asset can detect electrical parameters and defects on the wafer's surface, allowing defect analysis. The model is also capable of performing sophisticated geometry calculations, such as measuring the alignment of contact pads on a device, as well as providing detailed defect analysis to identify manufacturing problems. It additionally features an in-built software application for custom measurement programming, allowing experienced users to fully customise the equipment's measurement capabilities to suit their needs. Furthermore, FARO Laser Tracker ION is equipped with a user-friendly graphical user interface, allowing for easy configuration and operation. The system is also capable of connecting to other analysis systems, providing a powerful and comprehensive tool for measuring and analysing wafers in production environments. Laser Tracker ION is the latest addition to FARO laser tracking unit series, providing highly reliable metrology and analysis capabilities. This powerful machine is ideal for semiconductor industries, enabling rapid and accurate analysis of wafers in the production environment.
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