Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 6200 Surfscan #9078060 for sale

KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 6200 Surfscan
ID: 9078060
Vintage: 1992
Bare surface inspection system, 1992 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 6200 Surfscan is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment used to analyze semiconductor devices. KLA 6200 Surfscan is designed to measure a variety of parameters on complex, nanometer-scale structures such as surface finish, thickness, flatness, and dopant concentrations. This system is capable of performing multi-dimensional metrology such as topography, profile, and tilt surveys. TENCOR 6200 Surfscan is equipped with a fully automated, high-resolution XY scanner. This provides precise and accurate measurements even in the presence of distortion from structures such as corner cubes and test structures with extreme topographical features. The scan width and speed are adjustable to allow for any measurement task from full-field measurements to localized scanning. The sample can be placed directly on the scanner stage for simple setups or mounted on a chuck for more complex measurements. The unit can accommodate substrates up to 200mm. This machine is also equipped with a 2-axis tilt and rotary stage to precisely measure angles and tilt values in the nanometer range while adjusting the sample orientation. A CCD image sensor with user-definable resolution allows for high-contrast imaging of structures on the wafer surface, which can be used to determine thresholds of activation, geometry, and other parameters. 6200 Surfscan also offers advanced analytics capabilities. With its high-resolution imaging and metrology measurements, the tool can be used to detect process shifting, measure repeatability, identify defects, and analyze unified yield. PROMETRIX 6200 Surfscan is Windows based and can be integrated into production, test, and software environments to increase throughput and reliability. KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 6200 Surfscan wafer testing and metrology asset provides high quality, automated wafer measurements for advanced production environments. It features high accuracy scanning and imaging, along with advanced analytics capabilities, for precise measurements and improved yield control. The flexibility and precision of this model allows for fast and accurate feedback on process parameters and through the automation of traditionally manual tasks.
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