Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 6200 Surfscan #9078061 for sale

KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 6200 Surfscan
ID: 9078061
Vintage: 2001
Bare surface inspection system, 2001 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 6200 Surfscan equipment is a wafer testing and metrology system, optimized for a wide range of device and process monitoring applications. It combines various technologies, such as optical scatterometry, ellipsometry, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and metrology performance evaluation, to achieve superior wafer surface characterization as well as a wide range of process- and yield-related measurements. KLA 6200 Surfscan employs an advanced, high-resolution optical scatterometry unit to detect and characterize sub-micron surface topography. This machine is capable of measuring features with resolutions as low as 0.3 micron, providing accurate and repeatable results. Additionally, TENCOR 6200 Surfscan features a dynamic platform for a variety of ellipsometry configurations and techniques, as well as advanced Phase Modulation approaches optimized for accurately measuring complicated wafer geometries. The tool also has a variety of powerful metrology capabilities, such as Three-Dimensional Topography Reconstruction (ET), to gain insights into the wafer's overall shape. It also features an intuitive software user interface that allows for precise test setup configurations, including both repeated (In-Line) and comprehensive (Batch) measurements. 6200 Surfscan also offers a complete range of CMP measurements, such as static surface morphology analysis (SSMA), scratch mapping, macroparticle detection, and adhesion measurements. These measurements enable the asset to detect weak spots and defects, as well as quantify spindle growth for improved process control. Additionally, the model can be used for after-process defect inspections and performance tests, such as probing voltages and currents, to ensure a properly functioning device. Equipped with these powerful features, PROMETRIX 6200 Surfscan is an ideal tool for both research and production laboratories, delivering fast, reliable and insightful wafer testing and metrology. It enables users to detect tiny surface features that can't be detected by other techniques, allowing them to effectively monitor wafer processes and improve overall yield and manufacturing efficiency.
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