Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 7200 Surfscan #9016550 for sale

ID: 9016550
Vintage: 1992
Patterned wafer inspection system Model no. 194450 115 V, 2 phase, 60 Hz, 6 A 1992 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 7200 Surfscan is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to measure the properties of wafers with a high degree of precision and accuracy. This system is engineered to detect any potential defects in the wafers at the nanometer level and then diagnose them accurately and quickly. With its high-end optics, advanced algorithm, and newly-developed software, KLA 7200 Surfscan unit is capable of inspecting and measuring the surface topography of the wafer without affecting its integrity. TENCOR 7200 Surfscan machine features a high precision fiber-based interferometer, kinematic sample aligning stages, robotic handling modules, and an integrated quality management tool. This interferometer utilizes advanced real-time data acquisition techniques to allow for incredibly precise measurements in three dimensions. Its kinematic stages are designed to provide maximum accuracy and smooth movement for the wafer when taking measurements. The robotic handling modules can rotate the wafer in two axes and then accurately move it to the sample placement area, while the integrated quality management asset allows for control over the inspection process. PROMETRIX 7200 Surfscan also includes a highly advanced optical model measurement software package. This software has the capability to calculate a wide range of parameters from the measurement data, including surface roughness, step-height, depth, and angle measurements. It is also capable of performing 3-D imaging, allowing for a detailed analysis of the surface topography of an entire wafer at once. This software is user-friendly, providing users with the ability to understand the analysis results quickly and easily. Overall, 7200 Surfscan wafer testing and metrology model is a highly advanced equipment designed to inspect and measure wafers with extreme precision and accuracy. It features cutting-edge optics, robotics handling modules, and software that make it one of the most powerful wafer inspection systems currently available on the market.
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