Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 7600 Surfscan #293652902 for sale

ID: 293652902
Vintage: 1995
Particle inspection system 1995 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 7600 Surfscan is a wafer testing and metrology equipment. Its capabilities allow for both analytical and destructive wafer testing to be performed. This suite of equipment is made up of the Innoscan 7600 Wafer Test System and the XP31 Wafer Test Aperture. The Innoscan 7600 Wafer Test Unit provides both high sensitivity analysis and compactness for high-density inspection. Its computer controlled optics machine utilizes laser diffraction measurement, allowing for measurements of flatness, irregularity, surface roughness, and solid structures on wafer surfaces. The XP31 Wafer Test Aperture equips the 7600 with the ability to selectively and inspect high-density circuit patterns, fabrications, and resistivity gradients. In combination with the Innoscan 7600, it is possible to measure various contact shapes. Both of these pieces work together to enable accurate and efficient metrology of devices on wafer surfaces. KLA 7600 Surfscan is designed with an integrated optical tool, making it able to take measurements at a wide range of wafer types. The asset is also capable of automating the measurement and taking statistical analysis of the data to minimize operator intervention. The 7600's electrical scanning model allows for precise measurements at high speed. It is capable of measuring continuous surfaces, step heights, and sidewall angles. The instrument is equipped with special software for evaluating contact, bumps, and surface height profiles. TENCOR 7600 Surfscan is ideal for use in the semiconductor industry, solar cell laboratories, and Failure Analysis laboratories. Its efficient, high-precision analysis capabilities make this equipment suitable for maximum yield, die acceptance, and defect location. Its powerful software allows users to detect and classify critical defects that would not normally be detected in standard wafer testing. PROMETRIX 7600 Surfscan is a highly useful, accurate, and reliable tool for analyzing wafers and detecting defects.
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