Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 7600 Surfscan #9194326 for sale

KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 7600 Surfscan
ID: 9194326
Wafer Size: 2"-8"
Patterned wafer surface inspection systems, 2"-8".
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 7600 Surfscan is a reliable and innovative wafer testing and metrology equipment that is designed to provide high-speed, non‐destructive wafer surface topography analysis. It measures critical surface parameters such as total width, peak‐to‐valley height, step height, average roughness, and defect width and depth. KLA 7600 Surfscan system consists of four components: an optical microscope, an image processing subsystem, an X-Y stage, and a computerized controller. The optical microscope has a high resolution, high contrast imaging unit that captures high-resolution images in both normal and low light conditions. The image processing machine is capable of extracting precise surface parameters from the captured images. The X-Y stage provides highly precise translation of the wafer sample, and the computerized controller automates the entire measurement process. The tool has a wide range of capabilities, including wafer topography measurements, critical dimension measurements, defect size quantification, flatness analysis, electrical inspection, and resistivity measurements. It supports a variety of sample types and sizes, including large format wafers, small die sizes, and complex samples. TENCOR 7600 Surfscan has a suite of powerful applications and analysis tools that allow customers to analyze, analyze, and display results. The tools enable users to compare two different surfaces, detect areas of degradation, and make critical decisions from the results. Moreover, the asset is highly configurable, so users can tailor the analysis and results to their application needs. Additionally, the model offers users advanced image correction features, allowing users to accurately measure surfaces with varying aspect ratios, textures, and topography. 7600 Surfscan equipment is capable of both low and high speed wafer examination. It provides users with automated operation, enabling them to quickly collect data. A patented autofocus system ensures high-quality images during each step of the analysis. The unit is also user-friendly, with an intuitive, color-coded interface that aids in ease of use. Overall, PROMETRIX 7600 Surfscan is a powerful and reliable wafer testing and metrology machine that enables users to quickly and accurately measure wafer topography. Its wide range of capabilities, high resolution, and configurable platform make it the preferred choice for wafer testing and metrology in the semiconductor industry.
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