Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 7600 Surfscan #9227522 for sale

ID: 9227522
Vintage: 1995
Patterned wafer surface inspection system M/N: 249505 Analysis system 1995 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX 7600 Surfscan is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for high throughput and quality control applications. It uses advanced optics, sensing, and image processing technologies to accurately measure the critical dimension (CD) and topography of wafer surfaces, enabling manufacturers to detect production defects, verify critical device layer features, and measure overlay accuracy. The system is composed of a motorized light microscope, two high resolution lasers, a digital camera, and an integrated software suite. The microscope is used to inspect and image wafer surfaces up to 9 inches in diameter. The lasers measure features in multiple regions and provide vertical resolutions up to 0.25 micrometers. The camera captures a 12MP color image to verify defects, and the software suite provides powerful real-time analysis functions such as CD and film measurement and real-time image comparison. KLA 7600 Surfscan is capable of measuring films and devices at resolutions up to 0.25 micrometers, enabling manufacturers to accurately detect production defects, develop optimized process flows, and create high-yield device lot optimization (DMO) programs. The unit is also highly reliable, emitting minimal background noise and providing unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. TENCOR 7600 Surfscan is ideal for wafer testing and metrology applications, and provides high-precision results quickly and reliably. Its easy-to-use, integrated software suite is optimized for data acquisition, statistical process control (SPC), and advanced analysis, allowing users to quickly and efficiently inspect and analyze wafer surfaces. Additionally, the machine's combination of advanced optical technology, high resolution lasers, robust software, and support for multiple substrates helps ensure manufacturers are able to cost-effectively achieve consistent high-quality results in their wafer testing and metrology applications.
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