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ID: 9171311
Patterned wafer inspection system.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX AIT I is a wafer testing and metrology equipment created by KLA and TENCOR. KLA AIT I is an automated inspection and test system (AIT) designed to align and measure wafer images in order to ensure repeatability and accuracy when measuring small structures and patterns on semiconductor wafers. TENCOR AIT I includes an Autoscope microscope and integrated imaging platform equipped with a CCD camera and xyz scanner table. The microscope offers high resolution imaging and a wide range of balance and resolution settings to optimize for a variety of wafer types. The integrated imaging platform includes algorithms for segmentation, pattern recognition and pattern generation processes, enabling users to easily generate pattern files and measure the characteristics of wafers. The unit utilizes a two-axis scanning machine to control the scan speed and ensure accurate wafer alignment. The two-axis tool communicates with the automated microscope to complete the automated wafer inspection process. The asset can be configured to scan X-Y coordinate positions on the wafer up to the maximum scan length of 8 inches, enabling it to measure large areas of the wafer. AIT I uses TOK optical artifacts to ensure accuracy and repeatability of measurements. The precision optical artifacts are identical in size and shape and are used to reference the microscope's objective lenses and calibrate the field of view against nominal microscope parameters. The optical artifacts also enable the model to accurately and repeatably measure a wide range of sizes in different locations on the wafer, ensuring accurate and reliable wafer measurements. PROMETRIX AIT I includes a library of pre-programmed measurement strategies that can be used to quickly set up and control the inspection software. The strategies cover a wide range of inspection types, including critical dimensions (CD), linewidths, or loupes. Furthermore, KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX AIT I offers excellent image resolution and contrast levels to help obtain repeatable, reliable results for complex optical measurements. Overall, KLA AIT I is an accurate and reliable wafer testing and metrology equipment with integrated software and hardware solutions that enable users to achieve accurate measurements and maximize yield for semiconductor wafers. With its versatile two-axis scanning system, pre-programmed measurement strategies, and precision optical artifacts, TENCOR AIT I provides an all-in-one solution for efficient and reliable wafer testing.
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