Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX Omnimap RS-55 #9078008 for sale

ID: 9078008
Vintage: 1997
Resistivity Mapping Systems, 1997 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX Omnimap RS-55 is a versatile wafer testing and metrology equipment used in the semiconductor industry for a wide range of applications. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to provide high-precision, reliable results that ensure production quality and efficiency of the process. KLA Omnimap RS-55 is specifically designed for high volume chip measurement and process control. It is equipped with a sophisticated set of imaging and optical inspection capabilities, including wide field metrology and large area, high resolution mapping measurements. The system's large area measurement capability provides high productivity and throughput at locations where the user needs to measure a wide range of parameters on the wafer's surface. It also provides maximum flexibility, allowing the user to choose between low cost, low speed scanning and high speed scanning to tailor the data collection process to the specific application. The imaging optics to be used on TENCOR Omnimap RS-55 can be selected to meet the needs of the application, enabling the user to choose from a range of imaging modes such as site, area, line and wafer mapping. The imaging capabilities are enhanced with various features to facilitate processing of wafer measurements such as auto-focus, automatic edge detection, beam monitoring and non-contact 3D surface profiling. This provides the user with the right set of capabilities to ensure consistent and precise measurement of the individual wafer properties. In terms of accuracy, PROMETRIX Omnimap RS-55 offers high precision measurement and analysis capabilities with an accuracy rating of one micron, allowing for high accuracy in characterizing the micro- and nano-scale structure and properties of the wafers. It also features low-noise optical setups and advanced algorithms for non-contact testing and measurement, ensuring reliable results without the need for stylus or probe contact. The unit is also highly configurable, allowing the user to choose from a range of options according to their process needs, such as multiple wafer size loading systems to increase productivity, higher resolution optics for greater accuracy, and upgradeable scanning technology for improved performance. With its high precision and configurability, Omnimap RS-55 is an ideal machine for process control and high-volume chip measurement.
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