Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX Omnimap RS-55TC #9182565 for sale

ID: 9182565
Resistivity measurement system.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX Omnimap RS-55TC is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment, a product of KLA Corporation. This system offers a full-suite of capabilities used to inspect and litho-tune the most complex IC devices. Omnimap features an automated top-down inspection approach, which utilizes high precision optics, advanced detectors, illumination systems, and specialized algorithms to accurately and repeatably find even the slightest features on a chip. Omnimap technology is built around scientifically-proven, semiconductor-specific applications, allowing it to be used by IC designers in multiple lithographic processes and circuit architectures. The unit features two unique components: an 8-inch automated map-based metrology tool, as well as TENCOR exposure machine. The combination of these two innovative technologies provides accurate and repeatable metrology measurements and precision litho-tuning control. The 8-inch automated map tool performs dual-beam microscopy to accurately assess the entire surface of a wafer, including its edges. The asset also evaluates CD uniformity (CDU), liner errors, resist filling, sidewall angles, presence of dummy patterns, scanner settings, and exposure parameters. This allows for detailed tuning of exposure processes, ensuring accurate control and optimization of photolithographic processes. PROMETRIX exposure model enables the equipment to adjust process parameters while performing inline metrology, allowing for "wafer-to-wafer" consistency and improved device performance. The system also offers a low-volume non-destructive wafer metrology, utilizing the proprietary Focal Plane Array (FPA) strain gauge technology. Additionally, the Laser Scanning Unit (LSS) provides a high-speed scanning capability across the tested wafer, enabling users to make real-time decisions on exposure parameter adjustments. KLA OMNIMAP RS-55/TC offers an integrated and comprehensive assessment of semiconductors, enabling continued advancements in IC fabrication. This machine allows for accurate, repeatable metrology and litho-tuning of wafers, ensuring device performance and providing manufacturers with the necessary parameters to produce the best ICs. Thanks to its advanced technologies and wide ranging capabilities, TENCOR OMNIMAP RS-55T/C is considered the premier tool in the field of wafer testing and metrology.
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