Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX P-20H #9188378 for sale

ID: 9188378
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 1996
High resolution profiler, 8" Wafer shape: SNNF (Semi notch no flat) Cassette port Wafer cassette: 8” PP (Miraial: KM-803P-K) SMIF Interface: No Includes: Computer unit Sensor (Micro head 1 LF) Open wafer handler, 8" Star JR-100 graphic printer Option: SECS/GEM 1996 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX P-20H is a wafer testing and metrology equipment specifically designed for inspecting semiconductor wafers. It features an automated Metrology sequence that performs comprehensive 2D metrology functions for quick cleanroom test results. The system is equipped with high-speed motorized stages, a model-based algorithms, and two-dimensional, multi-sensor detection of feature sizes and forms. KLA P-20H can measure step heights, CD profiles on all substrates, overlay, electrical parameters, and more. The unit is equipped with an optical microscope, which includes a bright white light LED Module for the highest-quality imaging. An objective lens ranging from 5X to 50X is also available, to give a variety of magnifications and better focus on small features. TENCOR P20H also utilizes an auto-sampling stage that ensures accurate and swift metrology at speeds of up to 200 wafers per hour, making it an excellent solution for fast-paced production lines. The machine also incorporates a wide range of features, such as its automatic report generation, intuitive user interface, ANSI standards-compatible defect inspection software, a library of customizable parameter settings, and detailed analysis of CD profiles. Additionally, KLA P20H has integrated support for multiple wafer handling technologies (i.e., quartz, pylon, open-air chucks) and a variety of vision-based metrology techniques (e.g., VIS, SPL, SEM, AFM, X-Ray). Furthermore, P20H tool is fully compatible with E-AIMS enterprise systems, providing a seamless integration with highly detailed, custom data reports. Additionally, the asset can be easily commissioned from a regular PC, eliminating any superfluous costs associated with an installation professional. In conclusion, P-20H is a high-performance, wafer testing and metrology model that maximizes test throughput and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. The equipment is equipped with advanced optics, automated report generation, intuitive user interface, multiple wafer handling technologies support, and a variety of vision-based metrology techniques. Additionally, due to its compatibility with E-AIMS enterprise systems, the system provides an unparalleled degree of flexibility and integration capabilities.
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