Used KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX P-20H #9243003 for sale

ID: 9243003
Wafer Size: 8"
Surface profiler, 8" Capable of 4"-8".
KLA / TENCOR / PROMETRIX P-20H Wafer Testing and Metrology equipment is designed to measure critical dimensions in semiconductor wafer production. This powerful system is used for defect inspection, wafer edge search, wafer map generation, 2D overlay, surface height measurements and additional emerging applications. The unit consists of a wafer handler, an inspection stage, and two imaging optics. The handler is capable of processing up to 90 wafers in a single 6-inch wafer cassette and can safely transport the wafers to and from the inspection station. This ensures reliable and secure wafer handling and transport. The wafer handler is programmed to manage the cassette loading, transport, unloading, and staging it, providing flexibility for multiple configurations of batch and single wafer processes. The inspection stage features a pair of sophisticated imaging optics that can be used to inspect the wafers for surface and critical dimension analysis. The imaging optics can detect various defects including nodules, flat spots, reflectivity, molecular orientation, wafer thickness, height, and surface roughness. The optics have a high dynamic range and are able to image structures 2-4 times smaller than the resolving power of the wafer handler. The machine also includes an integrated defect labeling tool that can identify and label defective wafers. This labeling process eliminates the need for manual defect classification and associated time costs. The precision metrology tool is capable of measuring 10 nm on a 300 mm wafer affording total wafer measurement accuracy of 2.4 μm. KLA P-20H provides accurate, high-resolution images of the wafers at relatively fast scan times. The combination of the steering, data acquisition, metrology capabilities, and defect analysis enable the asset to quickly and accurately measure and characterize wafers. This model is suitable for advanced packaging applications such as bumped wafers and channel die roll on wafers. Additionally, the equipment is also ideal for failure analysis and die-to-die measurements. Overall, TENCOR P20H Wafer Testing and Metrology system is designed to provide superior performance and significant cost savings for semiconductor production. With its reliable wafer handling, highly advanced optics, easy-to-use defect labeling unit, and its highly accurate metrology tool, PROMETRIX P-20H is one of the most versatile and advanced wafer testing and metrology systems on the market.
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